Support Your Local Salon

The team at Luxurious Look are extremely passionate about professional haircare, both hair salons and barber shops are a very important part of our local communities and there has never been a more appropriate time to show them your support.

Luxurious Look was started by a team of hairdressers and we continue to be a family run business passionate about providing the best products to our customers, whatever their hair type. With Ecommerce sales growing more and more each year it is putting increasing pressure on the retail side of the salon trade as it is incredibly difficult to compete with the range and prices found online. To help with this Luxurious Look are proud to offer our Support Your Local Salon Scheme. Salons can sign up to partner with Luxurious Look allowing them to benefit in the following ways:

- An 8% Commission - On all sales that are made through the unique tracking link provided. This means customers can make their 'in between salon visit' purchases from Luxurious Look and local salons still benefit from the sale. This also gives customers access to a far wider set of brands than can be stocked in store.

- Luxurious Look partner status - As a Luxurious Look partner, we look to drive new customers to your salon. Examples of these would be regular competitions to win a salon treatment from a Luxurious Look Partner, Salon spotlights in our newsletters, Salon spotlights on our Social Media channels.

- Access to the Luxurious Look Network - A forum where salon owners can discuss anything and everything about the trade, share problems and hear about what has worked well for particular salons.

- Access to the Luxurious Look stock buyback scheme - All salon owners can relate to slow moving stock sat on their shelves, Luxurious Look partners can take advantage of our increased online presence and cash in on their slow moving stock.*

How it works

1. Salon Owners can register to join the Support Your Local Salon Scheme here.

2. We provide a unique tracking code and/or page to be added to your website and/or Instagram bio. We will support you through the setup process.

3. That's it! Simply tell your customers about the scheme and direct them to purchase their products through your website or Instagram bio which automatically redirects to Luxurious Look where there order is tracked and commission is paid out on a monthly basis.

Please contact us at for more information or for any assistance required during setup.

*Terms & Conditions Apply