Shu Uemura Style Volume Mousse 150ml

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What it is:
Build volume and body with Awa volume, a long-lasting mousse with no crunchy residue for fine, flat hair. Apply generously on towel-dried hair and style or let air dry for a silky, smooth finish with endless volume and natural shine.

How to use:

  • Apply generously on towel-dried hair
  • Scrunch the product into your hair
  • Style or let air dry naturally.

Pro Tip: Partially dry hair, apply awa volume through from roots to tips , applying more to areas to where more volume is needed.  Dry hair away from head to create volume.

C222319/1 (Mixte Aqua/Water • European/US  Aqua/Water)|C222319/2 (Mixte Aqua/Water • European/US  Aqua/Water)|C222320/1 (Mixte Aqua/Water Nano • European/US  Aqua/Water Nano)|C222320/2 (Mixte Aqua/Water Nano • European/US  Aqua/Water Nano)|C222320/3 (Mixte Aqua/Water Nano • European/US  Aqua/Water Nano)

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