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MoroccanOil Dry Scalp Treatment 45ml

MoroccanOil Dry Scalp Treatment 45ml

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MoroccanOil Dry Scalp Treatment offers a soothing and reviving action that helps to resotre the hair and scalp back to normal. It is great for re-balancing the oil levels of the scalp and reducing inflammation.

Benefits Include:

  • Control the scalp and revive hair
  • Correct imbalances and soothe inflammation
  • Roots are lifted and hair takes on more body
  • Used pre-shampoo, it soothes the scalp
  • Keeps hair from getting too oily or dry

Hair Type: Dry and flaky scalps

How To Use: Separate hair into four equal sections. Apply 3–6 drops of treatment onto scalp per section. Smooth into scalp with fingertips. Leave to penetrate for 5–10 minutes. Comb through and then rinse. Follow with the Moroccanoil® shampoo and conditioner that’s right for your hair needs. Use weekly to start and less frequently as condition improves.