• The best hair products for thick hair

    3rd Apr 2022

    The best hair products for thick hair

    If you’ve been blessed with a head full of thick hair, you’re likely the envy of your friends. But you’ll also understand the lifelong struggle of maintaining it. We feel your pain.Here we bring you s…

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  • Best products for blonde hair

    24th Mar 2022

    Best products for blonde hair

    The old saying goes “Blondes have more fun” which might be true, but protecting, caring for, and maintaining luscious blonde locks isn’t always as much fun! Susceptible to breakage, damage and bras…

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  • Finding the perfect gift

    26th Nov 2021

    Finding the perfect gift

    Christmas is nearly upon us and it’s time to start thinking about those last few gifts on your list. From indulgent gift sets to little beauty treats, we have something for everyone. Whether it’s a…

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  • Your Party Season Hair Sorted

    1st Nov 2021

    Your Party Season Hair Sorted

    Tis’ nearly the season to be jolly and soon the party invites will be rolling in. It feels like after last year, we want to go hard this Christmas and make the most of being 'out out', spending time w…

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  • Rebellious Hair Inspo

    18th Oct 2021

    Rebellious Hair Inspo

    Out of office hair is a rebellious trend which isn’t going anywhere. Bright, crazy colours have previously been seen as a little risky, but with the workplace landscape changing, it allows us to be mo…

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  • Are You Ready For The Deep Clean?

    28th Sep 2021

    Are You Ready For The Deep Clean?

    No doubt you’ve noticed at some point or another that your hair just feels a bit meh! Doesn’t matter what you do, nothing seems to quite cut the mustard to tame your unruly mane or make it shine li…

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  • Complete Guide To Damaged Hair Repair

    28th Sep 2021

    Complete Guide To Damaged Hair Repair

    No one signs up for damaged hair willingly and we are all guilty of contributing to damaging our manes no matter how much we try and avoid it. Whether it’s from excessive heat-styling, stress, die…

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  • Anti-Lockdown Hair Inspo

    21st Sep 2021

    Anti-Lockdown Hair Inspo

    We’ve been in lockdown for what feels like eternity, so it’s no surprise we’ve forgotten what clean, styled hair feels like. Your sofa won’t judge your messy bun or greasy ponytail, and thankfully…

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  • Introducing SACHAJUAN

    9th Sep 2021

    Introducing SACHAJUAN

    As we welcome SACHAJUAN into the Luxurious Look family, we wanted to explore what it is within this beautifully minimal yet technologically advanced Scandinavian haircare range that attracts such a…

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