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    KeraStraight Moisture Mask 100ml

    The KeraStraight Moisture Mask has been formulated as a highly concentrated treatment that is packed with lightweight moisture capturing ingredients like Palmeira Tucuma and Carob Bean Extract. This luxurious and amazing nutrient-rich mask will repair...

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    KeraStraight Protein Mask 100ml

    The KeraStraight Protein Mask has been formulated and designed to repair and reconstruct your hair. This luxurious and amazing mask will repair all fine, weak and damaged hair types, leaving behind hair that shines, is much stronger and super soft to...

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    KeraStraight Root Lift Spray Gel 250ml

    The KeraStraight Root Lift Spray Gel offers a strong hold, yet remains so soft. The our styling gel builds massive body, volume and strength whilst the heat-activated proteins expand within the structure of the hair as it dries. It will also provide...