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Fudge Styling

  • Fudge 1 Shot+ Treatment Spray Quick view

    Fudge 1 Shot+ Treatment Spray 150ml

    What it is:A leave-in conditioner for all hair types to repair, restore moisture and leave hair silky smooth. What it does:This leave in conditioning treatment has been designed as a light spray that is suitable for all hair types that are in need of...

  • Fudge Blow Dry Putty 75ml Quick view

    Fudge Blow Dry Putty 75ml

    What it is:A medium hold putty to add volume, body and texture. What it does:The perfect sculpting tool for maximum molding and styling. You can blow-dry it in for extra body and lift or just finish with it for medium hold molding power. Benefits...

  • Fudge Curve Maker 190ml Quick view

    Fudge Curve Maker Styling Lotion 190ml

    What it is:A curl defining lightweight lotion. What it does:This product will create bouncy, defined curls on even the straightest of hair types. It is a lightweight lotion that has the ability to hold styles in place while protecting them from styling...

  • Fudge Curve Recovery 200ml Quick view

    Fudge Curve Recovery Balm 200ml

    What it is:A hydrating lightweight curl balm. What it does:This products has been designed as a lightweight balm to add moisture and create natural-looking styles without weighing the hair down. Your style will not feel crunchy or sticky, yet will be...

  • Fudge Elevate Styling Powder Quick view

    Fudge Elevate Styling Powder 10g

    A lightweight powder that contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to retain moisture, add volume and improve smoothness. This product can instantly add texture and volume to even the finest of hair without the need to backcomb. Benefits Include: A...

  • Fudge Fullhed Xpander Jelly Quick view

    Fudge Fullhed Xpander Jelly 75g

    What it is:A style former to boost volume and protect. What it does:A great product for providing your thinning and limp hair with a boost of lightweight texture jelly. It has been formulated with hydrolyzed keratin to repair and strengthen hair,...

  • Fudge Hair Gum 150ml Quick view

    Fudge Hair Gum Gel 150ml

    What it is:A strong hold gel for all hair types. What it does:This is a controlling and styling gel that provides the ultimate wet look. It sticks hair together with special cross polymers and thickening fibers whilst providing strong control for all...

  • Fudge Hair Shaper Quick view

    Fudge Hair Shaper 75g

    What it is:A strong hold styling cream for all hair types. What it does:This strong hold multi-purpose styling cream has the ability to texturise, mould, piece or simply just shape your hair to any way you want. It will provide strong hold to finished...

  • Fudge Head Shine Spray 100g Quick view

    Fudge Head Shine Spray 100g

    What it is:A shine and anti-frizz spray for all hair. What it does:This spray has special light reflecting properties to deliver a shiny finish to all hair types whilst controlling frizz. It has a unique shine and sparkle system to reflect shine and is...

  • Fudge Light Hed-Ed Hair Oil Quick view

    Fudge Light Hed-Ed Hair Oil 50ml

    What it is:A spray oil to protect, repair and smooth all hair. Whait it does:This is a non-greasy lightweight dry spray oil to tame unruly frizz and smooth hair. The special formula includes Abyssinian Oil and Argan Oil, which leaves the hair nourished...

  • Fudge Matte Hed Gas 100g Quick view

    Fudge Matte Hed Gas 100g

    What it is:A spray that adds texture with a matte finish. What it does:This is a versatile styling product that can be used in two different ways. You can provide a super matte finish and long lasting hold by using as a spray finished style. Or great...

  • Fudge Membrane Gas Quick view

    Fudge Membrane Gas Hairspray 150g

    What it is:A flexible strong hold hairspray for all hair types. What it does:Much more than just a hairspray, this product is the perfect alternative to a styling paste with it's flexible hold that can be used to style or finish. It dries instantly,...

  • Fudge Mineral Paste 85ml Quick view

    Fudge Mineral Paste 85ml

    What it is:A medium hold paste to add texture, volume and shine. What it does:This paste will provide the beach look style due to the inclusion of ocean salts and Japanese sea kelp. It adds a medium hold to all hair types and can be remoulded throughout...

  • Fudge Push It Up Blow Dry Spray Quick view

    Fudge Push It Up Blow Dry Spray 200ml

    What it is:A frizz control spray with max volume. What it does:This spray has a lightweight non-sticky feel, yet contains Keratin, Bamboo and Pineapple Extract. It is heat activated and will provide frizz control and maximum volume whilst helping to...

  • Fudge Raise The Roots Quick view

    Fudge Raise The Roots 75ml

    What it is:A volume boosting creme gel What it does:If you need a product that defies gravity then 'Raise the Roots' is for you. With bamboo extract to fortify the hair and lock in moisture, this special formula adds volume and medium hold to all hair...

  • Fudge Salt Spray 150ml Quick view

    Fudge Salt Spray 150ml

    What it is:A medium hold beach look spray. What it does:This sea salt spray is great at creating that, just jumped out of bed or beach head look. It has a medium hold that creates body and enhanced texture that will leave your hair with loads of lift...

  • Fudge SkyScraper Hair Spray Quick view

    Fudge SkyScraper Hair Spray 450g

    What it is:A medium hold hairspray for all hair types. What it does:This hairspray has been infused with apple and coconut scents to deliver a luxurious fresh styling product. It will provide the most shiny, soft finish and yet maintain a medium hold...

  • Fudge Structure Wax 75g Quick view

    Fudge Structure Wax 75g

    What it is:A strong hold wax with satin finish. What it does:This has been designed as a heavy duty styling wax that has major hold. It is ideal for creating texture and definition whilst it's formulation makes moulding the hair effortless, holding the...

  • Fudge Think Big Texture Spray Quick view

    Fudge Think Big Texture Spray 250ml

    What it is:A strong hold volume hairspray. What it does:A ultra-fine mist spray that is ideal for building big volume and creating a natural looking style. This hairspray will leave your hair smelling incredible with flexible bounce and without the wet...

  • Fudge Vinyl Pomade 75g Quick view

    Fudge Vinyl Pomade 75g

    What it is:A humidity resistant pomade to tame hair. What it does:Infused with coconut oil for condition and shine, this pomade will smooth the hair and tame frizz with a non stick texture. It also enhances the natural feel of your hair whilst having...

  • Fudge Xpander Foam Quick view

    Fudge Xpander Foam 200ml

    What it is:A strong hold mousse for all hair types. What it does:This foam mousse will provide fine and limp hair with added volume without weighing it down. It is great for adding body and fullness to short, or mid-length hair and has been designed to...