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  • Doop The Freaker Quick view

    Doop The Freaker Shaping Gum 100ml

    Doop The Freaker shaping gum provides that wild funky look due to its high hold and the freaky effect it has on short hair types. It is non greasy and will provide a medium shine. Benefits Include: Provides a medium shine Can be used for messy and...

    £9.95 £13.95
  • Doop The Outsider Quick view

    Doop The Outsider Shaping Mud 100ml

    Doop The Outsider shaping mud provides a matte finish with a natural look. This styling product adds a super dry look with an extra strong hold to provide style support all day long. Benefits Include: Provides a matte finish Leaves you with a...

    £9.95 £14.95
  • Doop The Rebel Pomade Quick view

    Doop The Rebel Pomade 100ml

    Doop The Rebel Pomade will provide you with loads of shine and firmness. This styling product has a high hold and is great for creating the classic slick style of the 1930's. It can also be use to keep and enhance curls. Benefits Include: Provides a...

    £9.95 £13.95
  • Doop The Rocker Quick view

    Doop The Rocker Hardcore Glue 100ml

    Doop The Rocker Hardcore Glue will help to create the extreme freeze look. This hardcore styling glue dries fast into any hair type of length and leaves no residue. It is great on short hair styles and provides an extreme hold with shine. Benefits...

    £9.95 £13.95
  • Doop The Ruler Quick view

    Doop The Ruler Shaping Paste 100ml

    Doop The Ruler is a shaping paste that will provide you with that sleek choppy look. It can be easily used on any hair style due to its high hold and non greasy formula. It is great on medium length hair and can provide a variety of finishes depending on...

    £9.95 £13.95
  • Doop The Sinner Quick view

    Doop The Sinner Pliable Paste 100ml

    Doop The Sinner Pliable Paste will provide a grungy choppy effect on medium to long hair types. It adds a medium hold with a Non greasy formula that can be washed out easily if required. Benefits Include: Designed for medium to long hair Controls...

    £9.95 £13.95