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Davines Styling

  • Davines Curl Building Serum Quick view

    Davines Curl Building Serum 250ml

    What it is:A Curl enhancing serum What it does:This serum is ideal for a look where defined, bouncy curls are required. It will enhance curls in wavy hair whilst providing elasticity and a weightless natural gloss with an anti-frizz finish. It also...

  • Davines Dry Texturizer Quick view

    Davines Dry Texturizer 250ml

    What it is:A medium hold texture spray. What it does:This texture spray has been designed to provide a medium hold for an instant full-bodied look. It creates a ruffled effect whilst not being sticky or tacky and will not weigh your hair down like some...

  • Davines Forming Pomade Quick view

    Davines Forming Pomade 75ml

    What it is:A non greasy pomade for all hair types. What it does:This pomade has been created to structure your short to medium hair look whilst maintaining a lightweight formula that allows you to style and re-work your hair thanks to it's lasting...

  • Davines Invisible Serum Quick view

    Davines Invisible Hair Serum 50ml

    What it is:A multi-use serum What it does:This serum provides a light hold for a great 'day after' look. It will add a soft texture with flexible control, slight separation and an anti-frizz effect. Also adds light shine to any hair type and benefits...

  • Davines Invisible No Gas Spray Quick view

    Davines Invisible No Gas Spray 250ml

    What it is:A medium hold hairspray What it does:This hairspray provides a medium hold that can be re-worked and dries quickly. It will add structure to the hair whilst fighting against humidity and providing a small amount of shine. Support and hold can...

  • Davines Liquid Spell Quick view

    Davines Liquid Spell 125ml

    What it is:A restoring texture and body fluid What it does:Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid has a changing formula that when dispensed, changes from liquid to foam. It is able to give texture and body to the hair, restoring damage and providing...

  • Davines Love Curl Controller Quick view

    Davines Love Curl Controller 150ml

    What it is:Controls and reduces the volume of very curly hair What it does:This product is ideal for wavy to very curly hair types. It’s leave on formulation defines curls in an invisible way while controlling and reducing the volume of very curly...

  • Davines Love Curl Cream Quick view

    Davines Love Curl Cream 150ml

    What it is:A leave-in cream to define curls. What it does:Designed for all curly or wavy hair types that want to achieve better definition, this leave-in formula is recommended to define curls in an invisible way whilst not weighing your hair down. It...

  • Davines Love Curl Primer Quick view

    Davines Love Curl Primer 150ml

    What it is:Hydrating prep milk for curly and wavy hair types. What it does:This priming product is ideal for curly or wavy hair as it has special ingredients that provide hydration and definition to curly hair. It also helps to remove tangles, protect...

  • Davines Love Curl Revitalizer Quick view

    Davines Love Curl Revitalizer 250ml

    What it is:A treatment to enhance the vitality of curls between shampoos. What it does:This curl revitalizer is the ideal product for wavy or curly hair. The elasticizing and revitalizing treatment helps to enhance the vitality of curls between...

  • Davines Love Hair Smoother Quick view

    Davines Love Hair Smoother 150ml

    What it is:A smoothing leave in cream. What it does:Great for frizzy or unruly hair that is required to be smooth. This leave-in formula is recommended to straighten wavy and frizzy hair in an invisible way that does not weigh the hair down, and does...

  • Davines Medium Hold Hair Spray Quick view

    Davines Medium Hold Hair Spray 400ml

    What it is:A medium hold hairspray What it does:Formulated to provide a very fine mist that gives structure with a medium hold, this spray fights against humidity and can be re-worked if required, or removed easily when it all goes wrong. It dries...

  • Davines Melu Hair Shield Quick view

    Davines Melu Hair Shield 250ml

    What it is:A heat protection spray. What it does:This thermal protecting spray has been specifically formulated to protect the hair when using hairdryers and hair irons. It is enriched with active ingredients to protect the structure of the hair from...

  • Davines Minu Serum Quick view

    Davines Minu Colour Serum 150ml

    What it is:A serum to protect and smooth coloured hair. What it does:Great on all types of hair as the special ingredients work to allow your colour to last longer. This leave-in formula will protect colour whilst providing extra shine, smoothness and...

  • Davines Oil Non Oil Quick view

    Davines Oil Non Oil 250ml

    What it is:No hold anti-frizz wet look. What it does:This fluid style gel with no hold provides texture and moisture with an anti-frizz effect. It will create natural looks and also contains the ability to add a wet effect whilst containing no parabens...

  • Davines Sea Salt Spray Quick view

    Davines Sea Salt Spray 250ml

    What it is:Beach effect sea salt spray. What it does:This spray is made of sea salt and gives the hair fullness and body with a matte finish. This is a great product to provide texture, extreme volume and light control whilst also giving a messy and...

  • Davines Shimmering Mist Quick view

    Davines Shimmering Mist 200ml

    What it is:A shine and anti-frizz spray. What it does:This spray mist is a shine spray that gives a velvety texture to any hair type. It has no hold but provides massive shine to the hair with its lightweight formula and excellent anti-frizz effect,...

  • Davines Shine Wax Quick view

    Davines Shine Wax 75ml

    What it is:A shine wax that adds texture. What it does:This shine wax has been designed as a lightweight product that is easily re-workable. It adds texture and fabulous shine, is suitable for all hair types that need a polished look and lasts all day...

  • Davines Strong Dry Wax Quick view

    Davines Strong Dry Wax 75ml

    What it is:A strong dry wax for all hair types. What it does:A wax with extra strong hold that provides texture to dry hair whilst promoting definition. It will not leave residues and feels dry to the touch, it is also great for styles that require...

  • Davines Strong Hold Cream Gel Quick view

    Davines Strong Hold Cream Gel 125ml

    What it is:A strong hold cream gel for all hair. What it does:This cream gel has been designed with a pearly and elastic effect that gives a strong hold. It will also define and give structure whilst leaving no residue. It uses a special memory effect...

  • Davines Strong Hold Hair Spray Quick view

    Davines Strong Hold Hair Spray 400ml

    What it is:A strong hold hairspray. What it does:This strong hairspray has been designed to release as a very fine mist. It provides structure whilst fighting the effects of humidity and can be worked also after application. The spray dries out very...

  • Davines Strong Moulding Clay Quick view

    Davines Strong Moulding Clay 75ml

    What it is:A moulding clay that provides texture. What it does:This styling clay provides texture to dry hair whilst defining it in a strong way. This clay does not contain water, this helps it to cope better in wet climates or strong humidity. No...

  • Davines Texturizing Dust Quick view

    Davines Texturizing Dust 8g

    What it is: A lightweight powder that  provides lift and body. What it does: This styling dust is the ideal product to help create instant volume and structural texture. A powder based styling aid that works immediately whilst providing a matte...

  • Davines Texturizing Serum Quick view

    Davines Texturizing Serum 150ml

    What it is: A soft, light texture serum for all hair types. What it does: Its silky formula creates a soft, light texture leaving the hair shiny and creating manageable looks with both a straight and wavy effect. Particularly suitable for normal to fine...

  • Davines Volu Hair Mist Quick view

    Davines Volu Hair Mist 250ml

    What it is:A volumizing spray for all hair types. What it does:This moisturizing mist is a volumizing spray designed for any hair type, but is very good on limp and fine hair. It should be applied on the root area to guarantee volume without leaving any...

  • Davines Volume Boosting Mousse Quick view

    Davines Volume Boosting Mousse 250ml

    What it is:A volume boosting mousse for all hair. What it does:With a snow-like texture that is compact and light to the touch, this mousse will provide a medium hold to any hair type whilst providing body, volume and an extraordinary conditioning...