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Comfort Zone - Sublime Skin Essence 100ml

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What it is:
an intensive concentrated solution that stimulates skin regeneration and bestows an even, compact and youthful appearance to the skin.
What it does:
Rebalances the hydrating factors of the skin (NMF) and encourages the synthesis of structural proteins of the extracellular matrix (ECM). Immediate hydrating action, maximizing the efficacy of the anti-age products which are applied thereafter, leaving the skin soft and radiant. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™, free from silicones and with 99% natural-origin ingredients.

The serum texture stimulates a regenerating action, essential to restore the skin’s elasticity. The highly concentrated formula, together with the quick and easy absorbable texture, is a new essential gesture for a beauty routine aimed at plumping and redensifying the face’s oval.


Skin visibly replumped.
Features more relaxed.
Skin more luminous and compact.



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