Charlotte Rhys Oud Noir 100ml

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Infuse an element of exotic into your daily routine with just a few sprays of Charlotte Rhys Oud Noir – an exclusive scent that is as enigmatic as the Arabian Tales. A premium body mist crafted from handpicked organics and pure herbs, it has the credentials to be a part of your grooming ritual.

This exclusive fragrance uses a rare blend, consisting of oud — a rare resin known for its woody fragrance with a spicy touch. Sensual and somewhat provocative, this exclusive eau de parfum can uplift your senses and keeps you smelling great through the day. Oud is universally revered for its mystical scent, the notes are undeniably woody but hard to describe as they pamper and overwhelm the senses, often making them hard to decode. Yes, the notes are intense but fine-tuned for a scintillating performance.

The refreshing body spray includes the spiciness of cinnamon and the balsamic, resinous benzoin of styrax. Sweeter part of the luxury fragrance comes from cedar wood, coconut, and iris while sandalwood, and vanilla help to create a smooth base. While perfumes get more ubiquitous in the world of boutique perfumes, this luxury blend is distinguishable with its lingering, soft notes without being obtrusive. This fragrance can be the perfect everyday scent for you – versatile enough to be worn to evening parties or boardroom meetings. The slightest spray and the interplay of woody and spicy notes is palpable. No matter how demanding your day is, no matter how hot or humid it gets, this fragrance is most likely to sustain through the day, keeping you inspired and active.

Like all Charlotte Rhys creations, Oud Noir comes with the assurance of authentic, ethically sourced ingredients, pure botanicals that have been procured in an Earth-friendly manner.

Benefits Include:

  • Boutique EDT spray uses premium-grade oud
  • Elegantly packed bottle of cologne is ideal for gifting purposes
  • Luxury scent with perfectly balanced fusion of oud, florals, and other botanicals
  • Statement perfume with subtle resins for those who want to stand out in the crowd
  • Body mist does not fade easily. Minimal sprays to smell exotic throughout the day
  • Presence of benzoin and cedar wood impart therapeutic properties to the luxury EDT spray

How to Use: You need just a few drops to smell woody, spicy and irresistible. You might want to spray the mist on all the primary pulse points to the make the perfume smell more intensely, longer. Avoid applying the EDT spray on your clothes.

Denatured Alcohol, Parfum