Charlotte Rhys Oud Blanche 100ml

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With a spray of Charlotte Rhys Oud Blanche, you will begin your day with confidence that never ends. The perfect blend of sensuality and traditional, resin-influenced notes, this luxury perfume is a pleasing step away from modern fragrances. Charlotte Rhys has come up with a unique eau de parfum that is mesmerizing with its complex notes. The sweet-smelling fragrance comes from the exclusive amalgamation of oud extracts with handpicked ingredients like saffron, rose, and bergamot. These components incite top notes in this perfume while elements like patchouli, cedar wood, gaiac, and apple add more body to the exotic perfume. Mating the exoticness with modern perfume sensibilities has been tried before but this creation outperforms with its full-bodied, seductive aroma. To impart an exclusive base to this sophisticated fragrance, essences of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk have been added. Combined with the resin-like intoxicating notes of oud, these ingredients create a slightly woody and fruity body spray, augmented by the use of apple. Oud Blanche by Charlotte Rhys can be the perfect gift for someone who loves boutique fragrances. Expect the aroma to stay perpetual woody through the day without overwhelming you. This fragrance fails to fade away even if you sweat or have a long day at work…the perfume will ensure you always look fresh and feel invigorated. The presence of patchouli in this sweet-smelling cologne creates an intoxicating effect. Known as an essential ingredient in perfumery, cedar wood provides a touch of therapeutic element to this body spray.

Benefits Include:

  • Keeps you refreshed through the day
  • Unique blend of oud, floral, green, and woody ingredients
  • Everlasting sensual notes for those who want statement fragrances
  • Luxurious perfume is a brilliant gifting option, for personal or corporate gifting
  • Subtle notes of cedar wood help to calm the senses apart from helping you smell great

How to Use: Minimally spray on your body. Avoid spraying it on your clothes. For better results and a longer-lasting fragrance, spray the eu de parfum on your pulse points. This is where the skin feels the warmest and more blood flow means a more intense fragrance. Ideally, the oud body spray should be applied specifically on the neck and wrists.

Denatured Alcohol, Parfum