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Affiliates is rapidly becoming one of the most successful online hair and beauty retailers for men and women. To enable you to join in and take part in our growing success why not join our Affiliate scheme. If you have a web site or Blog that attracts a significant amount of traffic, then a great way for you to earn extra money is is join the LuxuriousLook affiliate campaign and receive commission.

Why should I join?

Earn money on all sales from new customers recommended from your site - we pay an average of 6% commission.

It's easy!

We run our affiliate program with Clixgalore which means all your sales are tracked by an external third party system so you can be sure of the transparency of reporting, how you're doing on the campaign and how much you've earned.

Get accepted as a LuxuriousLook affiliate

To join our campaign please sign up to Clixgalore or Paid On Results to ensure you are a bona fide affiliate and have all the information you need to get started.

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As soon as you have been vetted and accepted as a affiliate you will be given access to banners to use on your own web site as well as vouchers and details of our product feed so that if you want to show a dynamically generated list of the latest products you can.

Our Rules

As we also have our own online marketing campaigns to attract customers we do have some additional rules when it comes to attracting visitors to our site , particularly around Paid Search advertising as follows;

PPC - Un-Acceptable practices

Use LuxuriousLook in the title or in the body of any PPC adverts.

Display LuxuriousLook products on Google Shopping™ as we have our own feed already in place.

What are you waiting for ?

Sign up today and start to share in the success of