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Pharmagel is a range of skin care products that specialize in treatments and anti-aging formulas. They have pharmaceutical grade ingredients which produce remarkable results to all who use. Made of the finest quality active ingredients in skin treatment products on the market today, they can be used by the beauty professionals or home user.

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  • Pharmagel Botanical Tonique 230ml
    £24.00 £22.00

    Pharmagel Botanical Tonique is a fragrance free moisturising facial toner that will help to keep the skin hydrated. An infusion of botanical extracts will nourish and re-energise your skin to maintain a normal pH level...

  • Pharmagel Daily Express Regime
    £49.00 £46.00

    Pharmagel Daily Express Regime is a kit of products designed in travel sizes making it the ideal travel or trial set. All sizes meet TSA airport carry on requirements and even come in their own flight-ready clear zip-top bag...

  • Pharmagel DN-24 Hydracreme 56g
    £42.00 £40.00

    Pharmagel DN-24 Hydracrème Intensive Vitamin Moisturizer has been formulated for normal to dry skin types that are in need of a restorative facial treatment. This product will revitalise the skin to a youthful...

  • Pharmagel Enzyme Ex-Cell Facial Scrub 170g
    £28.00 £26.00

    Pharmagel Enzyme Ex-cell Facial Scrub has been formulated as a gentle exfoliating facial scrub that has the added benefit of containing anti-ageing enzymes from the papaya plant. These natural polishing grains gently remove...

  • Pharmagel Eye Beaute 60 Pads
    £31.00 £29.00

    Pharmagel Eye Beauté Pads are botanical herbal treatment pads that have been designed to relieve the effects of puffy and swollen eye tissue. They are great at treating eye puffiness and lazy tissue, UV damage, fluid...

  • Pharmagel Eye Prote 15ml
    £46.00 £44.00

    Pharmagel Eye Prote has the ability to reverse eye area wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, all while helping to replace lost tone and elasticity. This luxurious formulation contains special ingredients which breathe life...

  • Pharmagel Firma Derm 250ml
    £26.00 £24.00

    Pharmagel Firma Derm Intense Age Defying Face & Body Firming Moisturizer is great at nourishing and firming face and body skin. This treatment contains Retinol-A and antioxidants for quick repair and to help the reversal...

  • Pharmagel Glyco-8 Facial Firming Moisturizer 56g
    £42.00 £40.00

    Pharmagel Glyco 8 Facial Firming Moisturizer has been formulated for combination skin and contains Glycolic Acid and Vitamins A & E. The added antioxidants contained within this cream will to help protect your skin from...

  • Pharmagel Hydra Cleanse 230ml
    £24.00 £22.00

    Pharmagel Hydra Cleanse is an very mild, age defying cleanser that has been formulated with a rare combination of ingredients to thoroughly cleanse your skin without stripping away essential moisture. This product has a...

  • Pharmagel Lip Recovery 15g
    £24.00 £22.00

    Pharmagel Lip Recovery has been designed to smooth and protect your lips with clinically proven anti-ageing and moisturising ingredients. This special treatment intensely hydrates while helping to reduce the appearance of...

  • Pharmagel Nutra-Lift Firming Masque 170g
    £28.00 £26.00

    Pharmagel Nutra Lift Firming Masque has been designed as a quick drying facial firming treatment that nourishes the skin with essential vitamins, enzymes and humectants. These special yet gentle ingredients are directed to...

  • Pharmagel Pharma-C Anti Wrinkle Serum 30ml
    £48.00 £46.00

    Pharmagel Pharma-C Anti Wrinkle Serum is a 10% Vitamin C facial concentrate treatment that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin by actively promoting collagen and elastin formation, the...

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