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KMS hair products have gained a massive following all over the globe because of their ability to provide outstanding results with a unique, funky outlook. This range was relaunched in 2017 with new products added and some of the old not so popular products withdrawn. The packaging is now much more subtle, yet still in keeping with this high end range. All of the items now contain protection from UV and thermal damage, plus their is also a Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, Anti humidity products and Paraben free formulas.

Add Volume

Add Volume

A selection of products that have the ability to increase body and volume whilst caring for your hair and improving it.
KMS Color Vitality

Color Vitality

All products are enriched with special ingredients that contain colour protecting properties to enhance your hair.
KMS Curl Up

Curl Up

Formulated to enhance and define curls, theses products will promote a healthy look whilst adding hold, definition and texture.

KMS Hairplay

Hair Play

Suitable for all hair types, these styling products will provide hold, texture and style any way you want everytime.
KMS Hairstay

Hair Stay

A selection of styling products to hold a look in place all day long, or use as finishing products to give that salon look.
KMS Headremedy

Head Remedy

Cleanse your hair and scalp with this Anti Dandruff or Deep cleansing shampoo. Both will gently remove debris and soothe the scalp.
Moist Repair

Moist Repair

If yuo hair is damaged or dry then these products will bring it back to life with super conditioning properties and ingredients.
KMS TameFrizz

Tame Frizz

All of these products have the ability to control fly away hair and manage frizz, ensuring your style remains smooth all day long.
KMS ThermaShape

Therma Shape

Formulated to protect hair from heated styling tools and un-wanted damage, this range will give yuo style whilst protecting your hair.

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