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davines hair

Davines hair products was founded in 1983 by the Italian, Bollati Family. Their goal was to produce high-end shampoo and hair products for re-nowned cosmetic companies all over the world. After a decade of perfecting their expertise, they began creating their own brand of hair care exclusively for salons and spas. With Eco friendly ideas and procedures, Davines has become one of the leading sustainable haircare brands and is considered to be of a luxurious nature. Whatever your hair type or condition there is sure to be a product that suits your needs.

davines more inside

More Inside

A selection of styling products that will suit any hair type and have the ability to help you achieve the desired look.
davines essential


All products are enriched with active ingredients and contain a specific characteristic and function to care for your hair.
Davines Oi


Formulated with Roucou oil these products give amazing shine and softness, while detangling any kind of hair.

davines shampoo


All these shampoo's offer an invigorating cleanse without the problem of stripping natural balancing elements from the hair.
davines Conditioner


A selection of conditioners that will restore, refresh and smooth tresses whilst detangling, nourishing and protecting your hair.
davines natural tech

Natural Tech

Naturaltech is a range of innovative products that target hair and scalp problems while bridging sustainable beauty practices.

davines Alchemic


Alchemic formulas were created for natural or chemically coloured hair to help retain vibrancy and transform your look with a magnificent hue.
davines Your Assistant

Your Assistant

A selection of preperation products to treat, style and generally look after your hair before finishing that all important look.
davines SU


Sun protection for the hair is equally important, now you can protect your hair from UV rays with the Davines SU line of remedies.
davines Authentic


Skin, face, hair, there's only one solution you need, the Authentic Formula, full of benefits, enhance every inch of your body with natural remedies.

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